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Our History

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20th Century

1916 - We got our start when businessman Rathbun Willard founded the General Plate Company
picin Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA, to provide gold plate to the jewelry industry.

1931 - General Plate merged with the Spencer Thermostat Company to create the Metals and
picControls Corp.

1937 - Patented our first motor protector

1941 - Designed and built first circuit breakers for military aircraft and vehicles

1950 - Expanded into Mexico

1955 - We expanded into Europe, by way of the Netherlands

1959 - We merged with Texas Instruments (TI) and became a new TI division

1960 - Developed first protector for fluorescent-light ballasts

1963 - Expanded into Brazil

1965 - Work began on designing and building all panel-control switches for the Apollo 11
picmoon mission

1969 - Expanded into Japan

1972 - Introduced first positive thermal coefficient (PTC) electric choke for cars

1974 - Expanded into Malaysia

1985 - Determined how to save the corroded Statue of Liberty

1988 - Launched automotive pressure sensor that replaced pressure switches in cars

1989 - Expanded into Korea

1996 - Expanded into China

1999 - Introduced micro-fused strain gauge (MSG) sensors for vehicle stability


21st Century

- We were reborn as Sensata Technologies, a private company

picAcquired First Technology

picChaired iNEMI group to identify future sensor technologies

picEarned 5 awards from Korea Standards Association

2007 - Acquired Airpax Holdings and its four operating units

2008 - Won EUREKA Lillehammer award for our cylinder pressure sensor (CPS)

picDeveloped robust force sensor for electro-mechanical "braking-by-wire" systems

2009 - Hubble telescope upgraded with our switches and thermostats

picIntroduced vacuum sensor for micro-hybrid vehicles

2010 - Held our Initial Public Offering (IPO)

picIntroduced new 24-volt direct switchable circuit breaker for marine applications

2011 - Purchased Honeywell's "Automotive on Board" Sensors business

picPurchased Sensor-NITE Group Companies from Elex