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What do our products do?

Sensata products make a difference.

combustion technology

Sensata's Cylinder Pressure Sensor (CPS) is enabling automakers to greatly reduce harmful pollutants from diesel engines by lowering nitrogen oxide and particle emissions from car diesel engines by as much as 90%.
Images courtesy of Volkswagen.


Reducing power consumption,
saving energy

Our Low Power Combo (LPC) device is helping compressor
and refrigerator manufacturers around the world meet new mandates to reduce power consumption.
Images courtesy of iStockphoto. EnergyStar logo used with permission.

As a world leader and early inovator in mission-critical sensors, electrical protection and power management systems, we work with leading global customers and brand names you’ll recognize on custom-engineered applications that improve safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people every day.

Our products include:

Thermal circuit breakers that makes planes safer

Pressure sensors in automotive systems that aid in vehicle stability
   and emission control

Bimetal current and temperature control devices in electric motors
   that prevent overheating and fires

You’ll find our devices in a wide range of applications throughout the automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, heating, air-conditioning, data, telecommunications, recreational vehicle and marine industries. It’s likely that you depend on one or more of our devices every day.


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A selection of awards from our customers

Advance Transformer Supplier Excellence Award

Broad-Ocean Motor Company Valuable Supplier

Caterpillar Silver Level Supplier

Chrysler Golden Pentastar Award

Ford Q1 Supplier

Fusite Certified Supplier Recognition

Honda Quality Performance Award

Jiangsu Province Quality Award

Lucent Technologies Supplier Forum Challenge Award

Matsushita Reiki Quality Industry Guarantee

Magnetek Power M Award

Maytag Preferred Supplier

Modine Preferred Supplier

Mexico Procuratory Agency for Environmental Protection Clean Factory

Northrop Grumman Platinum Source Preferred Award

Samsung Electronics Best Supplier

Schneider Electric Global Supplier

Tecumseh Golden Chieftain Award

Top 10 Exporting Enterprise –Changzhou National Hi-Tech District

York International Tier 1 Supplier


// 1.3B+ devices shipped each year // 191,000 different product configurations // 17,000+ unique products // 400 unique product families
// 9 brand names we own, manufacture and sell under: Sensata, Airpax, Klixon, DeltaTech, Dimensions, Magnum, Qinex, Schrader, Sensor-NITE