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Employee Code of Conduct

Updated 25 September 2011
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Mexico: Work-Life balance

Sensata Matamoros Mexico has different programs, to help to employees have an opportunity to feel better in their work areas.

Employee Assistance & Recognition Programs

Sensata recognizes long and faithful service and the value of the skills, knowledge and judgment gained over those years of experience.

Punctuality and regular attendance are essential to the proper operation of our business. It is expected that all employees be on the job, on time, every day and at their work areas.

Development & Training

The Company is committed to offer all employees the opportunity to participate in the development of their professional, work and team skills, both for their current job as well as longer term job challenges. We encourage Associates to continue their education endeavors by taking relevant courses with an accredited institution.

The Company will pre-pay for course(s) that can be practically applied to our business and are directly related to the Employee’s current job responsibilities. This also applies to courses, including electives, that are required for degreed programs similarly related to the business and current job responsibilities.

Health & Safety

The Company provides a healthy and safe work environment, actively works to prevent accidents and injuries, institutes safety and health training, properly records data on accidents and injuries, provides first aid supplies, along with clean restrooms, and if appropriate, sanitary facilities for food storage.

The Company is committed to protect and, where possible, promote sustainable development, and prevent wasteful use of natural resources. All our facilities shall conform, at a minimum, to the same environmental standards that we are required to meet in the U.S. and Mexico.

The Plant is committed to providing a safe working environment for employees so that there are no jobs that are hazardous if performed properly, and no employee will be asked to take unnecessary risks.

Each department has specific safety procedures and each leader explains these to all of their employees. An Employee and Management Safety Committee have been established under the direction of Plant Safety staff.

Employees receive periodic workplace safety training. The training covers potential safety and health hazards, and safe work practices and procedures to eliminate or minimize hazards.

Employee Relations

Sensata Matamoros Mexico is committed to progressive employee relations. This commitment includes:

  • Formal and informal communications among employees and with management, all the time and at all levels
  • Pay competitive with local labor markets and excellent benefits
  • Continuous feedback with employees including: town meetings, open door management (including the General Manager, President and all executives), team meetings, and more.
  • Associate Attitude Surveys to measure employee interests and concerns
  • Annual pay reviews and on-going market adjustments
  • Continuous review and improvement of conditions of employment
The experience has shown that when employees deal openly and directly with supervisors, the work environment can be excellent, communications clear, and attitudes positive. We believe that Sensata amply demonstrates its commitment to employees by responding effectively to their concerns.
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