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Updated 25 September 2011
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Mexico: Employment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About a Career With Sensata Technologies

How do I apply for a job opening in Sensata Matamoros?
Sensata Matamoros is a leader thanks to the efforts of highly motivated employees. We offer career opportunities in a wide range of disciplines plus a benefits package that is one of the industries finest.

To explore career opportunities with Sensata Matamoros, send your resume and any questions you may have. Please go to this page and click Apply Online.

What type of jobs do you have?
We have different positions and focus on the following areas for all positions:

  1. Experience
  2. Skills, including educational background
  3. Work history
  4. Competencies
  5. Aptitude and attitude
  6. Interest in Sensata and work situation
What is the best way for me to send my resume?
Please go to this page and click Apply Online.
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