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What Employees Say About Sensata


Facilities Manager

“It's been 3 years with Sensata Technologies Malaysia. Throughout these years, I'm glad I could experience and learn from a newly established company. Thinking back to the past when we have previous relocation from Ampang, people has been working around the clock to get all necessary equipment, and have building ready for moving in. With a small little team consist of merely 4 people handling FESH scope and hard work contributed; we manage to move over to this new plant well ahead of time. This has made us proud and became one of companywide successful story. Again, with the great support from corporate, we are ready to take in more challenges. We're excited to be part of Sensata's family.”

Engineer Manager

“Sensata Technologies empowered every employee to take on Leadership, Responsibility and assume Accountability while practice Integrity in great fashion. The company is not only driving measurable result for success, it also encourages each employee to actively take part in this learning organization to acquire new knowledge in various aspects in order to stay ahead of this fast changing and competitive business organization. I am glad to having this opportunity to work in Sensata Technologies last many years, a great company that valued every employee's contributions in many ways.”

Manufacturing Supervisor

“Sensata Technologies Malaysia offers a high-tech manufacturing environment, which allows us to learn, execute and enjoy the knowledge that we've captured, turning experience into contribution. This is definitely a great place which encourages innovation, creativity and performance; which helps to grow our career into greater heights with all necessary motivation and support!!”

Engineer Manager

“Sensata Technologies has not been a familiar name to the locals and is often referred to as the "ex-Texas Instruments" company. While this is true, I've been growing with this company since 1994 and have witnessed how this company grew from a good company to a great company to work for. Many of us have advanced through various options available for our personal growth in both the managerial and technical ranks. We are definitely destined to develop the Malaysia site into a technical solution hub. I'm looking forward to further contribute my thoughts and energy to this Vision!”

Information Technology (IT) Manager

“I’ve been with Sensata Malaysia for more than four years. I definitely like both my work and the people I work with. In addition, I'm proud of my contributions to the success of the company and the many new opportunities and challenges given to me. I'll definitely continue to strive to do my best for the company!”


Customer Quality Engineer

“Sensata is definitely a great place to work. Sensata always promotes healthy working culture with great transparency, making things clear for better communication and has created various opportunities for employee to excel and enhance their skills in their field. Sharing best practices and lessons learned across departments allows us to develop better strategies, processes and practices. Besides that, global involvement and frequent communication with our counterparts in Sensata design and business centers further enhance our soft skills and help creates a strong teamwork culture amongst Sensata’s global family.”

New Product Development Engineer

“As passionate new product development engineers, Sensata has provided us a great platform where we could engage and contribute our best. Although we are the only two women on our team, we are not treated any differently and have the same opportunities as the men on our team to deal with different challenges and push our abilities to the next level.”

Equipment Technician

“I’ve been attached to Sensata for 19 years. As a production technician, Sensata has truly provided me and other technicians with a good skill development program on new engineering technologies and many different pieces of equipment. This has included both local and oversea training to better enhance our skills. Apart from that, I appreciate the professional working environment and flexible working hours.”


“Sensata’s name is not well known, but, in fact, we're one of the most experienced automotive sensor manufacturers. "Sensata" is based on a Latin word which means "those gifted with sense." As we all know, senses are important to us especially for survival. Can you imagine what would happen if you couldn’t sense pain, couldn’t sense heat, couldn’t sense hunger? As company, Sensata builds products for the automobile industry with one main goal – to equip vehicles with the ability to sense the surrounding environment to make certain pre-programmed judgments to make engines and cars operate more efficiently and safely. Working as an engineer in Sensata Technologies Malaysia has definitely helped me understand how important sensing is.”

Accounting Executive

“Sensata Malaysia has always placed a high priority on employee's professionalism and personnel development by providing on-the-job training a well as various individual self-improvement programs. This was definitely the right place for me to pursue my career. In addition, Sensata Malaysia has given me a very good opportunity to learn and network in a diverse company. I believe my career journey in Sensata Malaysia will be full of excitement!”