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Career Paths

At Sensata, we offer numerous career paths. For the design engineer, you may begin your career designing some of our complex devices to meet the specific needs of one of our demanding customers.

After this role, you may find yourself at an exciting crossroads in your career. You may choose to stay on our technical path and continue trying to solve some of the challenging engineering issues. This gives our technical experts the opportunity to have a rewarding career that is equivalent in terms of recognition and rewards to our more traditional managerial ranks.

Some may choose to move to marketing, program management or demand planning, as just a few examples. Others may want to pursue a managerial path in the engineering organization. Sensata needs talented people who want to move into all of these different areas.

All of these career pathways have common competencies in terms of defining strategy, effective project execution, innovation, influencing customers and knowledge sharing and working collaboratively across the organization.

If engineering is not your area of expertise, we certainly have opportunities in Sensata. We continue to seek talented professionals in finance, IT, HR and Purchasing just to name a few.



I already have a job. Why should I join Sensata?
This is one of the most exciting times in Sensata’s history. We’ve literally remade ourselves and today we are a public company (NYSE: ST). You have a chance to really make a difference here. We have a casual work atmosphere. We’re a global company, so you have the opportunity to work with others around the world. Take a little time to read more about Sensata, either here or elsewhere on our site. Then take a good look at where you are. Compare. Think about it. If we’re right for you, submit your resume online through our career webpage at


How do I apply for a job with Sensata Technologies?
Please go to our apply now page.


What type of jobs do you have?
Please see our typical job openings page.


What does Sensata do?
Sensata Technologies Malaysia is one of the company's strategic global Make site that produces sensor devices for the worldwide automotive industry. Sensata makes components for up to 50 different automotive applications. Products manufactured in Malaysia include: