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Message from a Sensata Leader

Sensata Technologies Malaysia is in a unique position to contribute to Sensata Technologies’ vision of satisfying the world’s growing need for safety, energy efficiency and clean environment and, more specifically, growth in Asia, including China and India. Leadership bench strength, technical capability, a passion to win and competency in English and ethnic languages are the enablers for past, current and future success.

Sensata Technologies Malaysia has a history that dates back to 1974 when the Materials and Controls (M&C) division of Texas Instruments was set up in Malaysia. The M&C operations started with labor intensive manufacturing of electrical protection products which has since moved to China. The major transformation from labor intensive electrical protection products to semi-automated advanced sensors products started in 1999 with the installation of a fully automated sensors production line from an acquisition. New and advanced sensor products followed and continue until this day.

Today, Sensata Technologies Malaysia is a world-class manufacturing facility for high-end automotive sensors which improve safety, energy efficiency and environment. These sensors must work in tough applications that matter and which are found in braking, fuel injection and exhaust systems — the sweet spot of Sensata’s vision!


Beyond world-class manufacturing, Sensata Technologies Malaysia is engaged in new product development in cooperation with design centers in The Netherlands, Japan and United States as well as direct customer engagement through a Customer Quality Engineering (CQE) function and supply chain management. Sensata Malaysia is also the hub for regional leadership in Operations, Best Cost Sourcing (BCS), Information Technology, and Commodity Procurement.

A combination of world-class manufacturing and value-added activities make Sensata Technologies Malaysia an attractive place where opportunities for career development are plentiful. Sensata Technologies Malaysia is a place where you can grow and make a difference both personally and professionally…

Join Sensata Technologies Malaysia — be part of a winning team!

Ng Keng Hooi