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Our history in Malaysia

See also: Company and technical histories of Sensata. What do our products do? Where are
Sensata devices?
What does the name "Sensata" mean?

2010   2010
Cylinder Pressure Only Sensor (CPOS), large form factor 2 production began.
2008   2008
The move into Subang Jaya was completed. Cylinder Pressure Sensor (CPS) production began in both large and small form factor.
2007   2007
Upon the spinoff from Texas Instruments, the business that was now called Sensata Technologies Malaysia moved its first MSG production line from the TI plant to a new site in Subang Jaya. Production also began the same year on the Remote Pressure Sensor (RPS) and T-Manifold Absolute Pressure (TMAP) sensor.
TI Sensors & Controls was spun off as an independent company named Sensata Technologies
2005   2005
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) production began, including the Differential Pressure Sensor (DPS) and the Air Classification Module (ACM).
2004   2004
Occupant Weight Sensor (OWS) production began.
2002   2002
Sensors production in Malaysia continued to expand rapidly as Microfused Silicon Strain Gauge (MSG) production began, including both large and small form factors.
As sensors production stepped up in Malaysia and elsewhere, TI sold its Materials business and renamed the former Materials & Controls Group as the Sensors & Controls business.
1999   1999
The site began its life as a sensors manufacturing site with the start of high-volume Poly Silicon Gauge (PSG), Small Outline Package (SOP) and HVP production.
The site receives the coveted Hibiscus Award, the highest official recognition for environmental performance.
The site received the Occupational Safety and Health Silver Award.
The Malaysia site won a first-place Quality Management Award from the Malaysia federal government.
Production of the ¾” motor protector, the 20PS and burn-in test sockets begins along with TI-RFID Systems.
The Effectiveness Team System was established as method for driving world-class quality. The former MEPG division was renamed Materials & Controls.
Production of the 1NT thermostat began.
The plant in Malaysia produced its one-millionth thermostat.
flag   1974
Texas Instruments (TI) Metallurgical Electrical Product Group (MEPG) began production of the MA10 thermostat in Kuala Lumpur with 100 employees.


See also: Company and technical histories of Sensata. What do our products do ? Where are
Sensata devices?
What does the name "Sensata" mean?