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Events and Programs

family day

Family Day / Annual Dinner

This is a yearly recognition event that Sensata host for its employees. Usually we hold this
event on the 1st of January as this date coincides with the annual plant maintenance shut
down. So, after a year of working hard, it is time for all our employees to let their hair down
and have some fun. This activity is one of the most well received events organized by Sensata
and the fun level is tremendous.



team building

Team Building

High performing teams are an essential part of Sensata. Few companies “luck” into being high performing and so Sensata makes a conscious effort to invest in team building. Our employees
take some time off work and get together to learn the skills that are needed to work as a
cohesive team. This event usually consists of combination outdoor and indoor activities that
teach the team how to synergize on the total group’s talent and capabilities.


planning workshop

Strategic Planning Workshop

Whilst it is a common occurrence for many companies to practice a top down approach when it
comes to strategic planning, Sensata does not conform to this idea. All our Exempt population
retreat for 2 days and 1 night to brainstorm to get ideas on the direction of the company for
the upcoming years. This is an activity is taken seriously as the employees appreciate the empowerment the company bestows upon them.


fun at work

Fun @ Work

In Malaysia, we have many races and as such we celebrate a diverse mixture of festivals. In
Sensata we take time to celebrate 3 major festivals. There is an informal gathering; several
fun filled cultural based activities and games as well as the MOST important item in any
Malaysia celebration…..lots of FOOD!

• Hari Raya Celebration
• Deepavali Celebration
• Chinese New Year Celebration
• Tele-match



young enterprise

Young Enterprise Program

The Young Enterprise (YE) Program was introduced to Malaysia in 1989 by the American
Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and Sensata Malaysia is a member of AMCHAM
and also an active participant of the program. The program gives high school students the
opportunity to learn how to run a scaled – down or mock company on their own for a period of
nine (9) months. Every school that participates in this program is adopted by a company and
employees from the company are advisors to the students. This activity gives our employees
an opportunity to engage with the community and give back to society.