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checkInnovative, complex products that make a real difference

checkSignificant personal growth and professional development

checkManagers who inspire, coach and develop

checkGlobal exposure to world-class talent

checkResults-driven culture and rewards system

checkLeading global company with strong, local decision making

checkValued neighbor and business partner, with a reputation of
    unwavering integrity

Sensata is committed to supporting these principles and has defined specific manager and employee behaviors and traits that help define us -- things like innovation and passion about our Vision; a commitment to growth and development; the ability to think globally and drive results while being responsible and respectful. For us, it's all about:

people and products that make a difference

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// 1.3B+ devices shipped each year // 191,000 different product configurations // 17,000+ unique products // 400 unique product families
// 9 brand names we own, manufacture and sell under: Sensata, Airpax, Klixon, DeltaTech, Dimensions, Magnum, Qinex, Schrader, Sensor-NITE