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Student Programs



• 让您获得实际经验、实际报酬并真正受益
• 接触世界一流的制造和商务流程
• 参与全球性团队
• 研制有助于让世界变得更绿色、更安全的产品和技术


We offer student programs designed to give you the opportunity to learn about Sensata while being paid to do business and/or technical work.

Key elements include:

  • Real-life experience combined with real money and real benefits
  • Exposure to world-class manufacturing and business processes
  • Participation on global teams
  • to work on products and technology that is helping the world become a greener and safer place

Upon graduation, if successful, you will have the opportunity to join the Sensata team in our mission to make products that help the world become a greener and safer place.


Career Paths




At Sensata, we offer two career paths – one for managers and one for technical talent. This gives our technical experts the opportunity to have a rewarding career that is equivalent in terms of recognition and rewards to our more traditional managerial ranks.

Both share common competencies in terms of defining strategy, effective project execution, innovation, influencing customers and knowledge sharing and working collaboratively across the organization.

In addition, those who succeed in the managerial ranks, also have planning, budgeting, and organizational and people development skills, while our technical leaders excel at break-through innovation, automation and mechanization, defect reduction, test engineering and software development.