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At Sensata, we offer two career paths - one for managers and one for technical talent. This gives our technical experts the opportunity to have a rewarding career that is equivalent in terms of recognition and rewards to our more traditional managerial ranks.

Both share common competencies in terms of defining strategy, effective project execution, innovation, influencing customers and knowledge sharing and working collaboratively across the organization.

In addition, those who succeed in the managerial ranks, also have planning, budgeting, and organizational and people development skills, while our technical leaders excel at break-through innovation, automation and mechanization, defect reduction, test engineering and software development.




I already have a job. Why should I join Sensata?
This is one of the most exciting times in Sensata’s history. We’ve literally remade ourselves and today we are a public company (NYSE: ST). You have a chance to really make a difference here. We have a casual work atmosphere. We’re a global company, so you have the opportunity to work with others around the world. Take a little time to read more about Sensata, either here or elsewhere on our site: Then take a good look at where you are. Compare. Think about it. If we’re right for you, submit your resume online through



What type of jobs do you have?
Please see our job openings page.



Why does Sensata have high requirements for applicants in English?
Sensata Technologies is a multi-national company that conducts its business in English. Most of our professional employees have contact on a regular basis with people outside of China. Strong English communication skills make overseas training possible and contribute to successful worldwide project teams.



Where are the working locations?
Most of our employees are located in Sensata Technologies Changzhou Co., Ltd., Sensata Technologies Baoying Co., Ltd. and Sensata Technologies Shanghai Co., Ltd. We also have a Business Center in Shanghai and sales offices throughout China.


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What about the compensation and benefits (C&B) for employees? How long is my probation period?
We believe in providing competitive C&B package for employees. Your salary will be stated in our offer letter. The probation period lasts for 3 months (Employment contract for 3 years).