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What does the name "Sensata" mean?

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在Sensata、Klixon、Airpax、Dimensions、Qinex 和 Sensor-NITE。这六大品牌名下,我们平均每年制造2万种不同产品并输出超过10亿个零件。这些设备有助于满足全世界对于安全性能、能源效率和洁净环境等不断增长的需求。



The name Sensata comes from the Latin sensata, meaning “those gifted with sense.” We are all about deep understanding, impressive collaboration, practical creativity, and unwavering integrity— and have been for nearly 100 years.

On average each year, we manufacture 20,000 different products and ship over 1 billion units under the brand names Sensata, Klixon, Airpax, Dimensions, Qinex and Sensor-NITE. These devices help meet the world’s growing need for safety, energy efficiency, and a cleaner environment.

To us, keeping people safer every day makes sense.