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  • "我非常欣赏森萨塔‘注重成果’的企业文化" / "I appreciate the 'results driven' culture..."
    员工心目中的森萨塔 / What do employees say about working at Sensata?
  • 来自政府与客户的奖励 / Government and customer awards
    了解我们所获得的部分奖励 / Learn about some of the many awards we have won.
  • 森萨塔领导人致词 / A letter to you from Sensata's leaders
    让Martha Sullivan来告诉您为什么应该考虑来森萨塔工作 / Martha Sullivan shares why you should consider a career with Sensata
  • 了解我们的在华历 / Learn about our history in China
    我们在上海设立了首间办公室,随后是宝应和常州。 / Our first office opened in Shanghai, then Baoying and Changzhou.
  • 选择森萨塔 / Choose Sensata
    现在就申请加入这个能让您与众不同的大家庭 / Apply Now for a career where you can make a difference.
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